Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When Cupid's Arrow goes Haywire..

Just three days ago I thought H was the sweetest man on earth! 

I accidentally found a box of heart shaped chocolates in his car to which I pretended I didn't see. I happily thought that 5 years down the road my man was still a romantic at heart. I pondered how he was going to surprise me and what sweet-nothings would he say. I smiled to myself, thinking of all possible romantic scenarios just for the sake of it. You's what girls do. 

So guess what?!?...

Yesterday morning he took the box of nicely-wrapped-heart-shape chocolates out of the car...and it went a little like this:

" For you!!"

"Ooh..what is this for?"...


With not much expression on his face, H said, "Oh nothing. A client gave it to me as a gift of thanks and if I don't take them out out of my car they're gonna melt."

=_=" Pffftttt.

So there I stood, speechless, dumbfounded and thinking I was the biggest idiot on planet earth. 

Just incase you'd like to know, the nicely-wrapped-heart-shape chocolates are now sitting on my kitchen bench and I have no intention of eating them.