Sunday, October 3, 2010


I figured that's the word I'll use for now! 

Seriously, telling people I'm currently unemployed just doesn't strike my chord. It's like saying I'm a useless blob right now. Not fun. I also figured another term which sounds slighty better- Home Engineer, but then the bank asked for my company name and I went blank. Genius.

So after all the moving and technicalities, I've now got a.l.o.t. of spare time on my hands. I mean ..A.L.O.T. What do semi-retired people do? Ok, what do unemployed people do? I feel so lost and .. weird. It's like my life has gone haywire. 

Guess what I've filled my days with?

I started a puzzle. Went from nothing to this..

..then this in two days. It was my job. I felt so satisfied.

Oh... then I decided I missed my house and made my husband take random pictures of what it looks like now, checking if H was up to his manly duties. I think the lawn looks randomly green enough don't you? Oh H, you're the best!! On a separate note, H and I are currently planets apart. Boo. Unfortunately it will be like this for a while. 

And after all that, I do what really smart unemployed people go and do- spend more money and buy funny stuff. In my defense, it's for the bun. It's a necessity. 

Ahh... what next?


  1. lol.....good job with the puzzle!

    semi-retired should enjoy the time more and watch tv:)...

    You will be so bz soon when bun is out of oven:)

  2. u know me and tv. I figured I'll be super busy soon, so I should use this time to do things I may not get the time to next time. hehe.

  3. wowwww, i didn't know you're into puzzles too! next time we should have puzzle nights LOL, but errr yours look hard core!!

    and btw, ur house looks nice :)

  4. puzzle night sounds fun!! but we'll have to wait till all the kiddies are asleep or something. The black and white made my eyes go blind!

    i miss my house! sigh.