Thursday, October 7, 2010

Personalisation to it's Finest

You know how I'm a tad free and not up to my usual routine? Well, I've been twiddling my thumbs and came up with this ingenius idea! Really!! Since I haven't got any of my scrapbooking stuff here, I thought I'd embrace another craft altogether- sewing. Well, it started off with that idea anyway- which then lead me into a craft shop - which meant me spending a lo-o-ong time in there - and then lead to this idea. (Amoungst others!)

I got sick of plain baby bodysuits. They're kind of generic unless you pay a hefty amount- and not like they're not good, just that they're plain, boring and same old looking. 

So err..I transferred a plain yellow bodysuit into this. I don't know why, but seeing H's surname on this tiny thing just cracked me up. I think it's his surname- but lets not go there. I nearly appliqued it onto the butt area, but if you've got any Chinese inheritance in you, you'd know that sound isn't quite acoustically pleasing especially when it comes to the rear end. 

Ok, not a super-genius idea- but atleast when my kid gets lost others can help me look for him/her?!?! Or I can start my baby league. Now I'm just wondering whether I should applique something on the butt. What do you think?