Friday, October 22, 2010

I do try!

Given my current bump condition + a few preggers issues, I've been advised to go on a different diet. This meant my food types for every meal were pretty much set on a piece of paper, it had to be monitored frequently and my dietician makes me do homework- bleh.

Me being me, I try to get around it. I thought of all these ways of being creative with my food- but lets just say sometimes, just sometimes it doesn't really work out the way I want it to.

This is a sugar-free carrot cake- and if you can't tell by looking at it, I don't blame you. It looks more like a dense fruit loaf or something that I may possibly feed to some pets. To be frank, it didn't taste bad, just that when you have presets of what a carrot cake tastes like, it doesn't fit the bill. It tasted more like a orange-carrot moist pudding that was over-baked.

I had one piece and decided I'd rather donate it to the garden birds and critters than share it with any human being.

But don't despair- well I didn't. The same night, I came up with another concoction. It was a high fibre, low fat tuna pasta bake and I must say it turned out pretty well. Atleast good enough for other human beings to eat anyway.

Now... back to entering that food diary. Urgh.

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