Friday, October 29, 2010

Ooh..ahh..Just a Little Bit

..ooh ...ahh..just a little bit more!

I had enough of this and this- I was in for a treat- big time! I got fed up of dreaming about the same things over and over..and over again I decided to indulge. Yes, I'm really determined and persistent aren't I? 

One fine day I decided I'd 'balance' my food routine with..lets say... dietary needs on the other side of the food triangle. 

I've been obsessed with this green tea cake for a while. I even thought about it when I moved overseas. It's cotton soft and quite delicate.. I never did quite find another...

I also became equally obsessed with this mango strudel: topped with fresh mango slices, light sponge, custard cream and a pastry base.

So on that fine day, I decided to buy both slices. Then..I had a hard time figuring out which one to have. By night time, I finished both of them. Bless me!

Don't you like my posts? They always have a happy ending.

Cakes Delight
893 Canning Hwy
Mt. Pleasant
W. Australia

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