Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting Sentimental

If your husband isn't around, you receive a bunch of these, they're sitting on your desk with fresh floral aromas infusing your room- then you look and then you see ...

...this gawky fellow staring at you- you'd get teary eyed and miss your husband even more. Well, I admit I did anyway. 

They were sent on my birthday- though I did ask whether the toy was meant for me or the bun. In H's defense he said the toy was meant to be a bear- but err, this definitely aint a bear!

And that's the problem with girls! We all know flowers are a waste of money yet they never fail to surprise and cheer us up. 

I simply can't resist them- but then I also don't know what to do with them later. It's a love hate relationship really.

And you know my other problem? H's birthday is exactly one week apart from mine, so what do I get to do? Help. 

Sorry this post is a bit out of sorts..I'm still being sentimental-hormonal- whatever.


  1. heyyy..think your hubby wants to cheer u up with the flowers & don get teary k:)

    November will b here in no time k:)...we all know time flies (sigh..scary but true).

    btw haha am sure bun will luv the 'teddy'...its very colourful:) *tease*

  2. The 'teddy' was suppose to be grey- so neither was it a bear or grey...hmmm.

  3. Inter-flora? Haha.

    My mil was so pissed off cos they were meant to sent me a pink teddy bear and some bunch of flowers. Instead got some doll thing ... lol.