Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tony Roma's-Perth

The last time I ate Tony Roma's must of been 1-2 odd years ago- that was in KL. Come this time around, it's in Perth as part of my birthday celebration with my sisters.

I don't think I can ever pass their ribs- it is what they're famous for. But part of me also wants to take them home so that I can take feast on it with my hands and bite on the bones- ribs just taste better that way. What you see above is the regular slab of Original Baby Back Ribs served with mashed potatoes and ranch style beans. Yums! 

Between us, we also had a complimentary serve of bread, half a Onion Loaf and Potato Skins- yes, we're pretty greedy.

I caved in when the Onion Loaf came and hence forgot to take a picture- but from memory, it's a way larger serve than what was given in KL.

I couldn't bring myself to try these that night- they somehow looked a tad cheesy and too greasy to go with my ribs- but my sister and nephew loved it.

You can go here to check out their website or go here for their menu. I'd suggest you make a booking if you have 15 or more people or go in pretty early. I went around 6pm and it was fully packed- a very good indication!

Tony Roma's 
919 Hay Street Perth
Western Australia

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