Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gyoza- Pot Stickers

I think there was a grocery mishap because my mum somehow stocked up on cabbages- far too many cabbages and I wanted to use them. So came along gyozas otherwise known as wo tiep and also known as pot stickers!

Cabbage & Chive Gyozas
makes approx. 76 gyozas

500grams Pork mince
500grams Cabbage 
100grams Chinese Chives
2 heaped teaspoons Ginger- finely chopped
4-5 tablespoons Sesame Oil

Approximately 2 packets of store bought Gyoza Wrappers
Bowl of water to seal dumplings

1. Chop cabbage finely. Add 1 teaspoon of salt and strain away excess liquid for approximately 10 minutes.

2. In a bowl mix together mince, chopped chives, ginger, sesame oil, salt (I used 1 teaspoon) and pepper (approx 1/2 teaspoon). Add drained cabbage and mix thoroughly.

3. Place approximately 1/2 tablespoon of mixture onto wrapper.

4. Dip finger into bowl of water and go around the edges of the wrapper. Bring both sides together and pleat-pinch until sealed. 


To cook: Heat oil in pan and place dumplings onto the pan. Leave on high heat for approximately 1 minute. Then turn on to medium heat and pour water to 1/3 the height of dumplings- simmer with lid covered for 7 minutes (longer time needed for frozen gyozas) or until cooked. Take the lid off, if there's excess liquid pour it away and turn back on high heat and drizzle a little sesame oil on top- then serve.

-The reason for its name!

To store: Wrap and place in freezer. 

To be quiet honest, the dumpling skin was a bit thin for my liking but I'm sure you just have to experiment with the texture by testing different brands- I'm not the type to make my own dumpling skin- it's too time consuming.

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