Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Food isn't fun anymore. Maybe thats a understatement! Its pretty much boring right now.

I had this huuuuge mega craving for a nice warm chocolate cake, even maybe with a dollop of ice cream on top. As in:

I sat in front of my desk procrastinating about it, then I looked up a cake-in-a-mug recipe that looked decent, then I procrastinated again- thought about what my dietician advised, made some changes and made a 5 minute 'healthy' cake-in-a-mug. I used sugar substitutes, didn't put any chocolate and replaced it with cocoa powder, halved the oil..etc etc.

Then during the one minute of it's cooking life I dreamt of oozing chocolate goodness complete with soft sponginess..

Then after the one minute, I took the heavenly mug out, poked my fingers at it and still had ideals- had a spoonful and spat it out. Grose.

I think my dietician put a spell on me. It's sad.

'Cos you know what I ended up with? 


Its a far cry from chocolate. Not even near what it states to be - Well, who really buys sticky date flavoured yoghurt except for me?! 

Sigh. Back to low GIs and not so funky food. This sucks.

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