Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blend @ Marmion Street

This blog has featured eats predominantly from Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. In Malaysia, I generally love the casual hawker style and authentic kopitiam foods that most probably haven't changed since the yesteryears. In Singapore, I look for a modern twist to Asian/Western foods and in Australia, I most probably love it's food diversity and alfresco culture.

I have a soft spot for eclectic cafes. They spell character and rid the typical franchises seen all over the world. So when my sister took me to Blend on a lazy Sunday morning, I quickly warmed to its atmosphere and array of people - I wasn't disappointed by its coffee and food either, that was equally pleasing.

Mocha, just right.

My breakfast- forgot it's name, but love the bacon + caramelized onion + spinach combo.

H's Scrambo Special.

I've been told they're famed for their all day dining and wood fired pizzas. I'll definitely do the pizza some day.

356 Marmion Street
Melville 6156
Perth Australia

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