Thursday, October 28, 2010

Professional Homemaker

I take my new profession of being a homemaker very seriously. Being on home duties means I have to be very alert of any sales and promotions and apply it within my daily life.

For example, a good homemaker will see a 1200 thread count cotton bed sheet discounted in a reputable store by about 38% and decide to buy it. At the same time, she will decide to join as a shop member which entitles her to more discounts and spend more. She then gets sucked in and also buys natural detergents which keep her whites whiter and colours brighter. After all of the above, she manages to tell and convince her husband it was a good buy.

*The above statements may be misleading- please do not try this at home. If you do however try this, please do not make me responsible.

** Based on a true life story.


  1. some company's thread count is as per inch. some per cm :D So, gonna really check carefully :D But from picture itself, i can tell this bedsheet will make me "late for work" everyday - cause will over sleep :D

  2. thanks for the great tip! kind of forgot where u use to work!:)

    it's super super soft though and i'm lurving it!!