Monday, November 8, 2010


As I'm blogging, this tin of cookies is just about on its way to H. I'm keeping my fingers crossed he doesn't read my blog today- he usually doesn't- and hopefully he'd be pleasantly surprised. 

Over the weekend he requested for some cookies- luckily I found just the person to bring them to him- because as you know, we're not exactly under one roof at the moment. If all goes well, he'll be getting these tomorrow. Yays!!!

My love-bickies are actually Raisin & Milk Chocolate cookies which were pretty much adapted from this recipe. I've fallen in love with this cookie recipe- it never fails. I love the texture- its a cross between a hard cookie and a shortbread I'd say.

I'm hoping they don't turn into broken hearted cookies by the time it reaches him! That would be the wrong message all together!

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