Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My friends term my new state of life preoccupation as nesting.

I busy myself with making things, baking and cleaning. When I go shopping I automatically go into the children's section or worse yet, my insomnia gives me a great reason to shop online- there's great Christmas sales at the moment!

Bursts of thoughts fill my mind and then I go around savaging things to make it.

For example, I wanted to make lemon cheesecake- just because I wanted to put fruits on top. ...Mind you I did exactly that.

Then my mind proceeded to constantly think about this 'green kueh with rice on the bottom'. So I made that. Mind you, I didn't even know the name. Only later did I find out it's Seri muka.

And today I wanted something savoury. Full of flavour. So I made a radish cake.

I made all of these within 4 days of impromptu thoughts.

I don't even attempt to finish the food.

I force them upon my friends. I make them have it even though I most probably haven't refined the recipe. Yes. I'm erratic and admittedly hormonal.


  1. Feel free to force more of your delicious foods on me :)

  2. we loved all the food above...can you busy yourself more with the 'baking and cooking' pls.....hehhehe!!

  3. i wanted to make more radish cake today but didnt find radish. If you find it u buy I make? lol.

  4. no one seems to be complaining liya! But if the girls from perth are getting sick of ur food, feel free to send some to phils! haha btw, post pics of urself!! want to see the bump =)


  5. Han-easier for you to come!!

    Bump is huge now- ain't cute no more.