Friday, November 12, 2010

Chinese Cruellers a la Malaysian

I know, I'm still on about hawker food aren't I? It's always a case of having what you can't get. I'm still onto my teh-tarik and to top it off, I had it with you tiao/yau char kwai and kaya.

I had the easy way out though, I wasn't prepared to slave over these cruellers from scratch- 'coz if my mum can't make a decent one from scratch then what are the chances I can? Buying and reheating was a much better alternative though maybe not the best taste wise. Lazy buggers can't complain I suppose... 

I would of had them with sweet mung bean soup too... but maybe thats for next time.


  1. I love my you tiau with congee or bak kut teh! your photos are stunning!

  2. Wow! Thanks Ellie. I was thinking of the same combintations too! Maybe next time:)