Friday, November 26, 2010

Fat Quarter Burping Set

I fell hopelessly in love with some cute fabric but didn't know what I'd do it with it!

My justification: it was on sale; it was only a fat quarter and it was cheaper than a Big Mac.

Being impulsively hormonal- as everybody is during pregnancy, ahem, I made a burping-feeding set in about one hour.

It consisted of a drawstring bag which held everything together: one that could even hold future cutlery.

A burping cloth so the little jellybean won't spill over momma...

And a tiny-weeny bib for a newborn so she doesn't puke over herself.

All for the cost of a Happy Meal.


  1. Thanks Di! I'm just being a cheapskate!

  2. Its very nice....and i know how quick you got them done up!

  3. It was one of those nights that I needed to keep myself occupied