Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I've been missing a bit of home- my other home. The one filled with hawkers delights and other carbohydrate drenched foods. So I've been trying to replicate it by making my own hawker style drinks.

Teh-Tarik- otherwise known as pulled-tea is well known throughout South-East Asia. It's basically white tea made with condensed milk that has been aired to create a smooth tea texture and bubble foam. A good teh-tarik will need good tea powder and the tea maker's 'pulling' skill.  'Pulling' simply means, the tea is interchanged from one cup in far distances to create air bubbles as shown in this video (posted by Rasa Malaysia)

I don't come close to the to the masters of tea pulling- I just pour as far as I can over a sink- so that the mess  is captured, then I wipe and wash quickly to pretend I can pull tea. Ahem.


*3 Tablespoons Ceylon Tea Powder
1 1/2 cups Boiling Water
*1/2 Tablespoon Condensed Milk
**Dash of Evaporated Milk

*Ingredients vary according to taste. This one was made according to my liking to strong tea and as little sweetness as possible. For a normal hawker style teh-tarik, I'd say they'd use more condensed milk and slightly less tea powder.

** I used fresh milk in attempt to be healthier. However, evaporated milk is more fragrant.

1. Place tea powder into a tea stocking, over a large mug/stainless steel cup.
2. Pour boiled water into the stocking and seep for approximately five minutes.
3. Remove tea stocking and combine tea with condensed and evaporated milk.
4. Pour the mixture into another mug/stainless steel cup by gradually lengthening the distance. Do this for a couple of times until foam appears on top of tea. And if you're anything like me, do it over the kitchen sink!

Wont this be nice served with a buttery slab of kaya toast and soft boiled eggs?! Nom Nom!

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