Monday, April 27, 2009

My phobia

So..since i'll be filling you on the details of my honeymoon in the upcoming blogs, I thought I should tell you the 'behind- the - scenes' of it. Despite all the romance associated with such travellings..let me tell you about my phobia.

When my then fiance asked me where I would like to go for our honeymoon..I suggested the extremes- Either somewhere real hot where we could sip fancy cocktails by the beach, or somewhere immensely cold where we'd cuddle up next to fireplaces and see snow fall.

It all sounds fine at this point right?

..Then came my next requirement: No plane rides for more than 5 hours at a time. Shall the flight be longer, it has to be broken into transit time.

Truth be told- I really really dislike [bordering hate] planes. Aeroplanes.

I dont like flying, dont like sitting in planes, dont like the smell of planes and didnt even eat plane food nor go to plane toilets until recently.

I use to hold vomit bags when I entered the plane. I would be socially disabled and would go on sleep mode immediately. 99% of the time, I vomitted someway throughout the flight: entering, sitting, turbulence, non-turbulence, landing, after name it and i've barfed it. I was that bad.

I wish there was a time capsule that could transport me to places immediately. I even wished someone could knock me unconscious and placed me on a flight.

You get the picture right?

I'm alot better now. I swear. I've learnt [in my late twenties] to go to plane potties and eat plane food. But, I still dont like planes.

So yeah..our honeymoon was kind of limited by my inability for long plane rides. Which really meant we couldnt go to any extreme weathered place during March-April. We also kind of got limited by transit places which my husband fully respects but also thinks is extremely hillarious.

The itinerary had LOTS of plane rides. Malaysia-Philippines-Malaysia-Singapore-Bali-Singapore-Australia-Singapore-Malaysia.

Planes: Airbus A340-500

Planes: Airbus A320

More Planes: Boeing 777-200 of the rare aeroplane meals I eat

..totally water-retention feet with bulging meat after flights

..and boy was I glad when I didnt have to fly.

Basically..I think I sacrificed alot of flight-phobia for the honeymoon.

* Dear..if you're reading..I would love to go Europe and Canada with u..but we have to stop at other places. [whether these places contribute to my shopping sprees, should not be of any concern. *Glee!]

Ps. none of the photos were taken by me. I still pretty much go on sleep mode. However, my husband insisted I name all the aeroplanes so I seem more intelligent and professional. [he's a plane freak!]


  1. hahah...wud like to go on a plane wif you one day...just to witness the grumpiness *wink*!!!

  2. can you not?! just go with my plane loving husband and u two can entertain each other.