Friday, May 7, 2010

Movies & More

The road trip taken days ago was actually part of a bigger picture- literally. I was conned into watching happily obliged when H wanted to watch Ironman 2. To be honest, I don't fancy action-comic type movies much- it's totally predictable. 

Problem. Hero tries to save the world. Villain enters. Fight. Fight. Fight. More fight. Hero wins. The End.

Though I totally understand guys are suckers for such films just as girls are for chick-flicks, but..boys-flicks are potentially boring. Read: H knows exactly when I started sleeping in Transformers and knew I woke up just in time for the ending- good body clock I'd say!

But hey..Ironman 2 wasn't that bad. If I told you I've basically slept in any comic turned action movie and didn't sleep in this one, does it let you judge this one's slightly more entertaining? Your call.

Anyway..long story was a nice date. 

Now, although you might like to drool over Robert Downey Jr. ..I choose to drool over burgers and food. Suprising, no?

Mushroom Burger. The mushies are so cute in comparison to the giant patty! Awwww....I've never been able to finish this! Its huge!!

Some mushroom oven baked rice.

We were too full to try what Swensen's was originally famous for- ice cream! 

Swensen's Brunei
Unit no. 2.34, 2.35 & 2.36
Second Floor, The Mall
Abdul Razak Complex
Gadong. Brunei

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