Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pho & Goi Cuon

Come again?!?..ok, I admit it's something I just googled 'cos I wanted a cool heading. But it isn't working is it?

Vietnamese Beef noodles & Summer spring rolls.

If you come around to my place for dinner, you'd know I don't stick to a particular type of cuisine. I vary from craving to craving- which means it could be Indian one night and Italian the next. I'm also lucky my husband isn't one of those Asian men that need to have rice for dinner [not that there's anything wrong with them, just that my wife duties will be so dull if I had to stick to Chinese food and rice everyday- my problem completely].

So after viewing a few recipes, I thought this one was my favourite beef noodle recipe. I made it easy by throwing everything into a slow cooker and enjoying the divine smell lingering in my house the whole day. Its a pity that the beef here isn't up to par, because that would of made a huge difference.

What I love about Vietnamese food is how casually vegetables are thrown together- and it works. The colours, texture and tastes light up my eyes and taste buds. Its light. Refreshing..and that's what I love about Vietnamese spring rolls.

Care for a bite?

I just might try the Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup next. Wanna come?


  1. angie..i've been eyeing your seaweed roll and ur breads too!! so envious..but I'm still not brave with yeast.

  2. you want me to help you to buy some beef from brunei?

  3. Hey Rui Di!..Thanks so much for the offer! So kind of you:)It's ok though, cos I was thinking of going there myself in the upcoming weekends.'ve got catering u lucky girl!!