Friday, April 9, 2010

The Curious Case Of Vegetable X

Would you eat something you don't know? 

'Cos the story goes a little like this:

Mrs H goes to market. Vege-stall owner tells her about this flower-vegetable thats alike asparagus but soft, like chives but not as pungent and as sweet as onions. Mrs H doesnt have a clue what it is but buys it anyway because she is curious!. Mrs H shows Mr H vegetable 'x' and they still both don't know what it is. But..Mrs H still cooks and eats it anyway.

..And they both lived happily ever after...with no awkward toilet moments.

..And I'll let you in on this..I'm Mrs H. ....Durh.

So can someone tell me what it is??

I cooked it with mushrooms and oyster sauce. Is that how you're suppose to cook it? Is it like a lily flower of some sort? 

Tell. Tell. Do tell.

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