Monday, April 5, 2010

Many Many

During Easter, H and I managed to invite a truckload of people to our place. simple terms, we held a family get-together come official housewarming with a few of my relatives. Oh boy do we have heaps of relies!! The 50+ relies were all from my mum's side, I couldn't invite all of the relies from my dad's side..and after much deliberation, we didn't invite all of H's relies either because they've previously been to our place.

I knew I couldn't possibly cook for 60-70 people, so most of the food was catered. I only put myself in charge of desserts and easy stuff like pizza, garlic bread and curry chicken. But I wish I took more photos. You should of seen the food- the satays- the stir fried noodles! OMG!

Everything was in abundance and my fridge has never been this full!. ..Thank goodness the caterers took care of the dishes and cleaning up!

I only got the chance to take some pics of the sweet stuff, then I got really busy and forgot everything..

Vanilla Cupcakes: frosted with buttercream, chocolate ganache. These were a hit with the kiddies! ..And note the really demented cupcake at the top left corner- what a blob!!

Cheesecake Slices topped with peaches. Confession: They were originally going to be fruit tarts..but after doing like 2 tarts, I figured it was too time consuming and swapped the whole idea. Opps.

Now ..did I mention I needed to to heaps of each?..OMG...don't think we're having this many people over for ages.


  1. wow So many different kinds of sweet treats! I love that cheese slices with glazed peach atop.

  2. Impressive...and lots of work to make so many:)

  3. thanks was my lazy and quick alternative to making individual fruit tarts

    jess..u've been making tonnes of kueh urself!!

  4. Wow! So beautiful! So impressive! and SO YUMMY!!!! (can taste from photos)

  5. errr...12? haha i don call that tonnes:P.....

    you've done well gal....very very nice:)