Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coffee Agar-Agar

Some friends came over for afternoon tea the other day and I just wanted to make something simple. Ok, that ..and I wasn't in my baking aura, nor was I willing to part with my newly cleaned oven. 

So enter...agar-gar. I think agar-agar is such a easy Asian dessert thats also really versatile. Those not very familiar with this- its basically a jelly-gelatine type texture. Just harder. It's tasteless, so just about anything goes.

I would give you the exact recipe, except...errr...I don't really measure. I just throw things in by taste. But if you'd like a go's what I used:

2 Sachets instant coffee powder (Super brand), approximately 350-400ml coconut milk, handful agar-agar, a few cups of water, sugar to taste. 

Throw everything in a pot and cook for 20-30 minutes. Allow to cool.

Easy huh? And when it cools, it naturally forms the clear layer and milky layer where the coconut milk has separated from the liquid. 

Have fun.

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