Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cave-Woman meets City

Looking back at the last few entries, it seems like I've been living in a hole doesn't it? Everything revolves around my house and my kitchen and photos are getting generic- and things are most probably not gonna change any time soon.

But wait! H and I finally dragged ourselves out for a date night, one of our monthiversaries actually- more like, it gave us a reason to go out because we'd much rather lounge in our old overstretched pjs and vegetate than to do the whole kaboom of going out- make up, getting dressed..bleh!- I can definitely foresee age catching on! So on this rare occasion we actually dolled up a bit- but still ate like a caveman.

Avocado Best Western. H's favourite entree.

Seafood Cocktail- now I want a lemon squeezer too!

Beef. Chunky goodness.

Beef with flags. Cute flags. The flipped prawn bum tail is kinda cute it's own contorted way. This dish had some fancy name..but can't they just call it Prawn + Wagyu Beef? 

Beef the way I like it.

We can't resist Wagyu. Heart its marbling and juicy meat. Awww.

If you want to eat like a caveman, just like us:

Grand Palace Hotel
Best Western Restaurant
Pelita Commercial Center, Miri.

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