Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mrs Strawberry

Its rare to get lushious strawberries here. They're all imported from Australia or Genting and not that sweet. But I crave much so I'd buy them for 22 bucks! 

And if you think RM22 is's a special discounted price where I unleashed my inner-aunty abilities to sweet talk the fruit seller at the markets. [I'm currently a proud housewife with a RM4 discount!..and boasting about it!!]

Good gawdddd..I need a life!


  1. hehe..its $7 for a kilo of very sweet and fresh strawberries in Perth......

    come back to Perth around Sept-Nov for them k:)

  2. i'll tell charles strawberries are the deciding factor for me to go back? recent pics of u girls make me miss perth sooooo much!! makes me wanna pack my bags!

  3. errr k...we have very decent cherries too towards those months!!! hehe

    hope to c u in perth...SOON! (if we post more perth pix..will that help?..LOL)