Friday, April 23, 2010


..and I swear, by the moon and the stars in the sky..and I swear...

Sorry..the title reminded me of a boy-band from era's past. High school memories! 

So cheesy.

Where was I? Oh yes...I was trying to figure out something that would kill all birds with one stone. It's hard to cook for 2 you see..I tend to overestimate and end up with many leftovers. So I got inspired by Hong Kong cafe food...oven baked rice. Got my meat, my veges and the carbs all in one dish. 

I was so proud of myself when I sneaked in 5 vegies into this dish. See Choy Sum with the fried rice? One. Broccoli? Two. Spot the remaining? I pureed it into a homemade tomato sauce: Tomato, Capsicum, onion a vegetable?! Anyway..5. -I felt like a mother trying to hide all the vegetables from her children.

And I made myself feel better about the carbs by using organic brown rice. Bad carbs. But...good-bad carbs. You know what I mean?

H was so content. ..and I was happy the serving was just right.

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