Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Best Bud's Cake

Who knew one cake could conjure up so many memories?

Whenever I see or taste a butterscotch cake, I think of one of my best buds. She bakes the best butterscotch cake! 

We were in a stage of our lives where we were both at crossroads. She was back in Perth for a good break and I was really just a newly graduated bum. We both weren't sure where we were headed next, both single and probably spent 50% of the time procrastinating, 25% talking about 'what ifs', 23% doing grocery shopping together and maybe 2% of the time looking for jobs and doing our resumes. 

We were crazy happy though, even having food gatherings just to use up free time. Roast lamb nights. Chicken Rice Nights. Fondues. Halo-halo.

Fast forward to year 2010- and she's happily married with a sweet new-born girl! I couldn't think of anyone more deserving.

So Paul, congrats again! ..And boy do I miss those times! Your butterscotch cake still remains as one of my personal favourites. know how we spent so much time looking for molasses? You are sooo right!! tastes wrong without it- cos I thought I could skimp and use honey instead.


  1. This blog entry made me go 'awwww' hehe...

    Even if I'm a wife and mother now, I can't help but miss those days! Strange as it may seem, it was definitely one of the best times of my life. I think we both learnt to enjoy the simple things in life! I can't wait to meet up again in Perth, Miri or in Manila to do it all over again!

    Love Pauline

  2. now i'm getting all emotional!

    i can't wait till we have a chance to catch the times I miss the most too.