Friday, April 16, 2010

Pomegranates and other important stuff

Let's face it. My blog will never be about the trials and tribulations in my life. It will always revolve around food, craft or marriage..or something along those lines. So even if a put a picture of a pomegranate, I won't be telling you about my eventful morning without 6 hours of electricity- which meant 6 hours of no air-conditioning in a hot and humid country..which also means a grumpy and unsatisfied me. 

You still sticking with me? 

Because H knows I get grumpy in hot weather. He's learning to live with it. I nearly put it in the wedding vows..and it would of gone something like '..Will you H, take L to be your lawfully wedded wife? In hotness and in health, through happiness and gruff..' of which he'd have to say 'I do'.

And then theres the whole big storm and lighting thing last night which resulted to my lawn flooding and this constant rain drop dripping near my window. What's with that??! 

And how about the endless phone calls this morning..on the morning where I was already late to work because my gate jammed up on me?! Oh bother. Then!..I didn't even get my breakfast because I was all worked up? Shucks.

This is clearly not a day you want to mess with me. But I've blogged...and shared..and gonna get back to the important stuff.


Where was I about pomegranates?.... 

Oh yes! I just wanted to tell you I love pomegranates..and I find it therapeutic to peel the thin yellow skin enveloping the pink flesh. My parents have a pomegranate tree in their backyard. Isn't that interesting?

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