Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On this Valentines..

It's funny how things work sometimes. Who could imagine a girl and boy from this class..

..would end up getting married some twenty years later?

I know, I look kinda fierce and H as usual looks darn cheeky. And I utterly remember that horrid orange pant-shirt ensemble I was wearing- 80s people! 80s!! But hey...we were young.

As fate would have it...a short email ignited some flames [ok..I drew the pink heart.]..and there you have it..a short anecdote of how H and I met.

..For this Valentines, I don't wish for anything more. Just you and our humble abode and I'd be content.- Oh, and maybe that prune cake you promised dear. lol.

Happy Valentines and Happy New Year!


  1. awwwww sweet:) Im still amazed how Charles rmb a kindy classmate...u must have made an impression:)

    btw charles....."aye there?" LOL

    Have a happy Valentines guys:)

  2. jess..i think he probably wrote to every kindy mate..i was just friendly enough to reply :S- he remembers me for my 'coconut hairdo'

    his 'aye' was try-hard aussie i reckon...hahaha...

  3. has the coconut hairdo then:P It was 'IN' then k.....

    you must have done something more impressive then tat:)...hehe

    its fated:)

  4. he thinks I bullied he remembers me...but i think he bullied me...I really do!!..its fated i get bullied by

    yes..the coconut hairdo n spring onion hair was all 'in'...