Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Mr Jobs

Dear Mr Steve Jobs,

I write to inform that your Iphone is a bad invention

... and I suspect my husband is cheating on me.

Ofcourse, I know I really shouldn't bother you with our marital problems, but I suspect- no, I'm positive, my husband is cheating on me with your Iphone 3G.

Ever since my husband found Miss I.3G, our communication has deteriorated. Every night before we sleep, he would be totally engrossed with Miss I.3G only to gently lay her to bed right beside him. Every morning the moment he wakes up, he greets Miss I.3G before he greets me.

When we have dinner he concentrates on what she's communicating instead of me.

Furthermore, last night I caught my husband furiously tapping his fingers on Miss I.3G. Apparently Miss I.3G has a function that makes his fingers run on her- my husband tells me its a finger race! Good gawd!

But you know where the real problem is? My husband also encourages me to find another.
I plead you to also warn others by adding this extra warning to your device. Your label should read: Warning: marriages my fail after the usage of this device. Use at own risk.

Please help.

Yours Truly,

Married with I-trouble.


  1. This is so funny!

    Charles....your wife is complaining here aye *wink*...hehe

  2. I lodged my complaint ages ago. Its not very well received. lol