Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snow Skin Mooncake

Rewind 10 [ok, possibly 20] years ago. I got back from school to a house filled with chatter-aunts and sweet aromas all coming from my mum's kitchen. The dining table had a stack of mooncakes baked and another pile filled with white fluffy mooncakes. This bunch of housewives had everything going- tins of lotus paste, lots of pastry and even matching mooncake boxes.-This was my first recollection of mooncakes and Mid-Autumn Festival.

I remember asking my mum why were there fluffy mooncakes? Were they raw and uncooked? ..And then I most probably scoffed them down the second she told me they were edible and digested the whole thing when she told me they were Snow skin [ping pi] mooncakes.

Now, a few months into marriage and I'm conforming to my wifely duties. -Much like those chatter-aunts that were in the kitchen pleasing their husband's tummy. To be utterly honest, I wasn't too keen on making mooncakes. From memory, it seemed like something that would test my patience and make my body go weak. Yes, I'm lazy like that.

But after H's failed desperate prowl for snow skin mooncakes the night before, I thought I'd be nice- you know, to make up for the times i'm embarassing, childish..or for those toe drawings I do.

So here goes my mess..

Life is so much easier with plastic moulds

Excuse my fat fingers- pandan lotus mooncakes in the making

Green Tea Snow Skin Mooncakes

The lot. With imperfections and all.

Guess who got lots of kisses and wife points last night?! Tee Hee.

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