Friday, September 11, 2009

And of all our other doings

I wish I was a tad more interesting and told you I did something wacky other than eat and shop in Singapore. But I wont. 'Coz I didnt. I'm plain, boring and that's that. H and I were stuck at Orchard most of the time doing house shopping. In between we snuck bouts of food searching and some shop detours, but we did what we had to do. Very much different from our previous honeymoon where relaxing was the key.

I wanted to do the Singapore Eye or even meet up with a few old friends, but didn't even get up to that.

So in's a few glimpses..

This is Orchard Central- a new shopping center @ Orchard Road. This is where Phoenix Hotel use to be- where most of my childhood Singapore memories are. The selfish part of me wish it didn't change. Wish I could still smell Famous Amos cookies being baked, walk between John Little and see a pastry shop. Now it kind of just looks like everywhere else-

We found this huge sculpture too..I thought it was a column or something...then i looked way up..and saw a gigantic dinoshopper [dinosaur sized shopper]. But it somehow also reminded me of Sex and the City.

A sit down at Haagen Dazs...

We did Mos Burger too. [And just incase you're thinking we're some monstrous pigs right about now, I'd like to clarify we didnt eat consecutively... just that this is all mass jumbled together. Ahh, that made me feel better. ]

I would show you my undenying love with Bak Ku teh too if it didnt end up with a photo of me with a big cheesy grin that screams psycho!

hmm...lets move on..
Anyway...I personally like this picture and would give you a whole story about it.

Once upon a time, there lived Big Cup and Lil' cup. One day, Lil' Cup wanted to go for a stroll in the hills......

ok...maybe that's another post altogether and my imagination is running a little wild. Sorry, I do that when I see nice simple graphics. H always told me I'd tell good bedtime stories.

Here's a interesting one..rice burger with teriyaki beef.

Lurving their crispy chunky chips too.

Oh...and Lawrys. Yes, we did Lawrys again.

Funny how I was craving for it- I tried to do the yorkshire pudding and lovely beef which ended up nothing like it..and then ended up eating the real thing days later...and realising I completely sucked.

..And the reason why I've compiled everything in one post?..I'm having holiday blues. Writing about Singapore makes me want to go there again. So I decided to finish this off once and for all.

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  1. aww the haagen daz waffles & icecream.....yummmm