Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mr Big

Presenting Mr Big - ok, KitchenAid. My McDreamy. Well, [one of] my kitchen Mcdreamys. He's smooth, sleek, tough and operates just fine. Which means he's technically a smooth operator!

Ok, I digressed. And just to's a 'he' just like guys name their cars 'she'. Its just a opposite sex sort of thing. But look...he's just ultra sleek.

H gave it as a gift- he hasnt quite worked out the occassion yet and I haven't quite worked out if I should be totally happy with the idea. Does he mean I'm suppose to slave in the kitchen from now 'til eternity [which I remember quite clearly wasn't in our marriage contract] or was he merely just fulfilling my kitchen dream? Hmm.

And this was my first bake with KitchenAid. To be precise, maybe it was my first cutting session with KitchenAid. You don't understand do you? H ended up playing with it and I became the assistant. Hmm. Did I say it was my toy?!

H can't deny it. Cos I also blame my failed Kueh Lapis on him. tee hee.

I never showed you my Kueh Lapis because it kinda turned...well..ugly. Tasted fine..but ugly. Fugly ugly.

So now you know what I've been up to.

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  1. Haha that's like Gary ... maybe it's a boy's thing .. they just can't help but wanting to play with gadgets no matter what! Lol.