Monday, September 7, 2009

The Getaway

If I haven't told you, H and I get funny bouts of emotions and sudden bursts of inspiration mainly in the mornings. One if not two of us thinks of something wacky. Totally unplanned.

So that fine morning, H said-

Lets go Singapore tomorrow!

And thats really how it happened. I kind of ignored his abrupt morning statement and the next thing I knew, he had bought the tickets. No planning, no talking, just off we went.

Our main agenda was to settle some things for the house, but we did get awfully distracted with the norm- food and shopping! What else was Singapore known for?

Here's our first food stop. Tong Shui Cafe, 54 Zion Road Singapore.

By the time we checked in and refreshed ourselves it was pretty late. So we had a stroll to Zion Road where cafes and restaurants are aplenty. We wanted something light for supper- this place fitted perfectly.

They had some pretty funky stuff too...things we were intrigued with but didnt have the tummy to try. Maybe next time? The in-your-face semi Nyonya decor was quite appropriate for the place. Queer, funky, modern, chic...just like their food.

While waiting, we spent much of our time reading up their wall of fame. Excerpts from magazines.

H's [safe and boring] white fungus dessert- he's not one to try new foods.

My glutinous sesame ball in almond paste. A bit too sweet for my liking but heaven forbid running oozy centers!

Between us, we had stuffed fried dough.

This is something I won't try...but H would of loved if he had just a tiny spot left in his tummy. Him and Durian go way back.

And a photo I took so that I could try out this recipe next time. Salted fish fried rice with wolfberries. Looks good huh?

Ohhh...the many wonders of FOOD.


  1. Oohh the fried dough looks so yummy!

  2. awww food i miss............yummmm

  3. it was great for supper!

    jess, this is the part where charles wanted to FB just for you!!

  4. hahahha.....will surely make me envious:)