Monday, September 14, 2009

Yours Truly

Hi! Here's Tweedle-Bum and Tweedle-Dee. aka H and myself.

Here's us. Predominantly in our very conscious but child-like forms a bit after we got married. -Notice how we were still infatuated with a little ring on our fourth finger signifying our union in marriage.

I hate to admit this to you. but months later...err..we're still like this.

Just a few nights ago after our 49th monthiversary and a little over midnight I was still jumping around like a spring chicken and asked H :

Dear..don't you want to talk?

H, half asleep and wrapped warmly in the blanket let out a mere groan,-

Urghhh...this is going to be looooong night!

In all seriousness, I had nothing to talk about but wasn't gonna fall asleep anytime soon. I had a afternoon nap and H knows afternoon naps leave me jumping with joy at night.

But being the true husband that he is, he scratched his forehead, popped on his glasses, sat up and said:-

Ok, what do you want to talk about?

And being the silly inconsiderate wife I am, I smiled, closed my eyes and replied-


With that..somehow all my energy left and soon after I did fall asleep. Which kind of leaves me sounding quite selfish at the moment huh?


So dear..thank you for enduring those spring chicken nights of mine. I promised to entertain you for your spring chicken nights too.

And for all thats been asking How's marriage? All I can say is that We're getting use to it...and we're loving it.


  1. dont you find the most simple acts in marriage are the most satisfying?:)