Friday, September 4, 2009

I apologise

Whenever I go missing, I come back with a lame post. Without photos. Without anything really. Just a bit more blabber from my side of the world. Then, I have the audacity to promise I'll give you a substantial update soon.

Well, this post is no exception. Sorry. I'm gonna tell you I've been extremely busy but I'll be back to blogging soon. I promise. But not that it really matters. Now that its out of my system, lets begin.

I've been extremely busy with:

work- hi ho overtime!

the new house -which is most probably not so new now considering its taking its own sweet time. You'll most probably be moulding by the time it finishes and I'll most probably I dunno, have grandkids by then.

And in the middle of it, H threw a semi-surprise getaway trip which I'll tell you about next time- you know the gist, the part which would be interesting.

In the mean time, have a Kit Kat.

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