Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chocolate Research Facility

I felt like a kid at Willy Wonka's or something- their lab department to be precise. Forget dieting, this place is totally calorie indulging. Chocolate in all sorts of flavours, packed in their uber cool graphic boxes and displayed on white- well, lab-like decor.

Made me feel like I was actually doing something scientific, experimental..when really I was just spoiling myself.

Half way through choosing, a kid ran into the store. After a few glimpses he shouted

Isnt there any Normal chocolate in this place?

lol. Poor mum.

I ended up with Banana chocolate and Sugar free Milk chocolate. -Though you'd most probably notice the first ingredient on the sugar-free chocolate is sweetener- hmm.

The chocolate? Smooth. Soft. Nice. -I've really got a way with words huh?!

Chocoholics all aboard!

Chocolate Research Facility, Level 2 Wheelock Place Singapore. I believe its also at Millenia Walk.


  1. nicer than margaret river factory's choc??????

  2. Pictures courtesy of iPhone