Thursday, September 17, 2009

Try-Hard Gourmet

Sometimes I dream of being a chef, having my own patisserie, slaving in my little kitchen making daintly things sweet and savoury. So then I try and realise my dream for a second, and by that I mean a split second! The moment I have a tad of hope for that patisserie of mine..POOF..I do something terribly wrong and I realise I need my day job. Desperately!

So here is my try hard moment-

I imagined tiny carrot cupcakes with little crunchy walnut bits, smothered with cream cheese frosting, accentuated with a dash of white chocolate.

Just to let you know, the little crunchy walnut bits were replaced with chopped prune bits because walnuts decided to go on holiday that day. First detour.

So the little cuppies were getting baked and I didn't hear my timer because I was cooking dinner. Hence, cuppies sat in the oven a tad too long. Second detour.

I still had some determination left and thought I'd made the most out of it anyway. I creamed the cheese and melted my chocolate. Here's where it got all tricky and my dream was quickly poofing away.

I thought doing chocolate was gonna be damn easy. How wrong was I!

I melted the chocolate, gently spread it out. When it hardened I placed my cookie cutter on it only to realise my try hard gourmet part wasnt coming through. Darn. Think TweedleDee think. A few minutes of searching whats left in my tiny brain I finally got the solution. So I bring you...tadaaaa....

Swirled chocolate on white chocolate!~

The end product didnt turn out too bad. I present to you Carrot detoured Prune Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting..its nowhere near gourmet though... being a patisserie chef? Bleh.


  1. Nice!! Teach me how to do the swirly thing :)

  2. the swirly thing is bought on a acetate like sheet- you can get different patterns/colours..then u melt ur chocolate..spread it evenly on in fridge for a while to harden and shape as usual. I got my sheet from a specialty cake store.

  3. thanks marlene..but it still needs lots of improvement:)