Friday, September 18, 2009

How's House?

I've been counting...and I'm really in Week 52 of house building. Which technically makes this house 1 years old, still not finished and completely delayed. I could sit here and ramble on about the causes of delays..but I won't. I'm not going to whinge. I'm just gonna live with it. 'Cos I'm [suppose to be] a mature woman.

What I will tell you is this..we've finally got windows. Parts of the house have been decked with louvre windows. For two reasons really- one for aesthetics and the second for security. I was quite sure for one that I didnt want grills over my openings. Yes, in Asia, its very common to have grills over windows and doors for security purposes. But then how would I deal with security?

So together with my glass maker, we came up with this system- louvres with grills inside the frame. Within each white frame holding the glass panels is a steel bar. This steel bar acts as a hidden grill. Kinda nifty I reckon- cos you wouldn't of otherwise known.

And if you notice close enough..our ceilings are up too.

Ahhh..the tiles. The tiles have been up for a while now. I remembered the pain of choosing them. I would complain to you about the suppliers..or lack of..but I wont. Because I promised. But can I just say there are some very unprofessional people out there?!

Now that its out of my system..lets continue.

This is the common bathroom. Kindly excuse me not wiping it down for photograph purposes..but I wanted to show you how boring I am. Beige. Off white. Mosaic tiles. As simple as that. After hours if not days of labouring whether tiles should be creamy white, white white, beige really doesnt make that much of a different when it's up. Seriously.

House isn't quite home yet. We've still got lots to do. But look who has moved in-

Wasps. oh Gawd! I'm not befriending them but can someone tell me how I shoo them away?

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  1. liya...actually ur bathroom tiles r sorta similiar to ours..(per ur pic...cant see clearly)..the little squares as design:)))

    so exciting!!!! next u will be moving furnitures in there:)