Thursday, May 28, 2009

Of Singapore

So I've told you about my best bud's wedding in Philippines, then kinda haunted you with my Bali vacation and I'm sure I've (over)mentioned how much I love Perth (though I might not of written much about it) now Singapore.

Singapore was the last leg of our honeymoon. Sure we transited there a few times for our honeymoon trip, but it was intentionally put as the last pit-stop for no other reason than -shopping and eating!

Me and Singapore go waaay back (ok..thats dodgy English, but it somehow sounds right). I started going there when I got schooled in kindy. It was our destination for annual family trips. We'd normally go there around Christmas. I think it was my dad's way of exposing us to a different environment, a more overwhelming population. -To take out the 'kampong-ness' in us kids?

You see, my hometown is tiny. My brother always joked that if you blinked your eye you would miss the 'city'. My hometown is weeny. Weeny tiny. And ofcourse, back in 1980's there really wasnt much going on.

So everytime we went to Singapore- especially near Christmas can you imagine our awe! It was a city. A REAL city. Lights, people, shops and offices were all in abundance! Orchard would be decked with heaps of Christmas lights. pretty!

Then there was Phoenix Hotel . We always stayed there. Even the concierge knew me. The last time I went, I was 20+ years old and the conceirge was still there - his hair greyed and wrinkles adorned his ever smiling face. -He still recognised me. Phoenix is now demolished and being built into a mega shopping mall a hotel. There goes all my memories...

This is the first time Hubby and I were in Singapore together. I've been there with my family, he's been there for work, but we've never been together. Boy were we touristy..and mighty hungry!!

First stop: We arrived at Singapore waaaay too early. The sun wasnt even out yet and our hotel didnt let us check in. We roamed around aimlessly just looking for food. We settled for Kopitiam and nearly dozed off at 7-Eleven. By 8am, we argued for a room. We needed sleep. Fast.

So this was our first decent meal. Ahh..Xiao Loong Bau and Pork Noodles...

Hubby's was a Meat-Mushroom noodle. Nothing beats hand made noodles.

Meet Lawry's. Hubby wanted to bring me here a long time ago. They dont have much on their menu, but trust me it needn't be. Their prime ribs are enough to satisfy you. But if you do think you've heard Lawry's before or it's ringing a bell, it's coz Lawrys makes their own seasonings and sells them around the world.

Dining here was first class -service was excellent, complete with waitresses in maid's outfits and meat carved on-the-spot.

Here's our share. Lawry's cut. Yorkshire Pudding (anyone have a good recipe?) Everything done to perfection. I'm salivating nowww...

..And in a poor attempt to lose the millions of calories we gained, we went to Clarke Quay. Shucks. We got tempted by Haagen Dazs.

Ahh..the lovers, the families, clubbers, business people..what an assortment of people.

Note: do NOT sit next to bunches of pretty girls at the Quay. We realised they were Ladies of the Night when they conversed with some expatriates. Hmm..

The next night we were off to somewhere special. We were at Takashimaya and Orchard for the whole day and needed a hearty meal. Another place where my Hubby had promised to bring me was Pietrasanta @ Portsdown Road. It was a heritage building coverted into a Italian restaurant. The food and atmosphere blended in so well together. I was told it was run by two brothers - both passionate about providing food...

This is what you call french onion soup!

And while waiting..i couldnt help but show off my Bearbricks..I've collected these for years!

Main.. couldnt get any more Italian than this!

..and we cant leave without nice gooey chocolate cake! Especially when we're told it's imported all the way from Italy!

You'd think by now we've satisfied our gigantic tummys. How wrong can you be? Next morning, Singapore's famous Hainan Chicken rice. And i mean famous- theres a plaque on the wall to prove it. lol.

The simple dishes are the best..and the hardest to master!

And if you ever have any doubts about me being serious about food, just take a look. I'm dead serious. I bet my mum wished I studied this intently! we've dined and wined and I really havent shown you much touristy stuff. That's cos I don't feel touristy about Singapore. I kind of know it like the back of my hand. was our honeymoon and we wanted to do something special. Especially before going back to routine life. to Sentosa. I havent been here since I was weeny tiny. We heard their laser-water show on the sea was quite good.

Here's us waiting for Songs of the Sea. A show on the shore of the beach.

First..the water and lights..
More water and lights...

Then with a Kaboom...just like how my honeymoon ended.

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  1. OMG! Look at the bowl of noodles!!
    Forget about losing weight, Haagen Dazs is more fun to have.....