Friday, May 29, 2009

Its for our kitchen I promise!

I'm one click away from BUY. It's still at the Add to Cart stage right now.

But you see..they're really for our new kitchen. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm craving for sweet foods or that I'm into cupcakes. Really. Uh huh.

How could you possibly resist anyway? I mean look at them..they say 'Buy Me! Buy Me!'

See..wouldnt you like this apron? ..I know I'd look super cute in it with my chubby bits hanging out and mumsy hair. Its got cupcakes on it for heaven's sake! And look!..

I can even have a matching pot mitten! Wont I look super DUPER cute?!! if that didnt really suit me I'd have to tone it down with this number. Brown and polka dots work fine. U know..if I have a kitchen catastrophe brown could cover up the stains. Really. It'll suit my complexion too. Uh huh!

Or maybe..just maybe..

..we need a teapot warmer? I know we're in tropical weather and all, but we'd have air-conditioners and you wouldnt want cold tea?!

And look..I think this is the most practical. Imagine, I bake you cupcakes and I could pack AND deliver it to you? See. Told you I'm not a compulsive buyer. I have reasons. My future kids will so love me! Not.

Ooh...I know I have a cupcake holder already. But that one holds only 12 cupcakes. This one holds 36. Yes. THIRTY SIX. I could go all professional and deliver it to coffee shops you know?
If you want to give your husband a heart attack like I just did...go to and you might fall in love too.
Dear..if you're reading..I havent clicked YET. I wont guarantee if by tonight...but I promise this is all for you...well us. But you know how the saying = us = me. I'm sOoo clever!
Note to self: Do not shop whilst having sugar cravings.


  1. Liya...i think the cupcake apron just says 'you'......and omg even i am falling inlove with the individual colourful cupcake holders!!!!

    Charles: Its for you too...imagine...tats what she will pack u for morning tea in those pretty cupcake holder!!!

    anything for the kitchen is for the 'family' go for it ayee:)

  2. i love you i'm sure his pink coloured cupcake holders will go just fine with his site workers...keke