Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pizza & Pasta Night

I decided to plump everyone up for Mothers Day. My aim was to drench everyone with carbohydrates and dairy products. Fun. -Just kidding.

Here's a brief: Over at my in-laws, we have atleast 8 people dining together when we have a sit down meal. We nearly invade restaurants like a stampede of elephants shall we go out. If everyone was married, our future family population would be 12 and when we all have kids we'd easily fit two tables.

Now, I haven't cooked for a bunch bigger than 4 for a looong time. I dont know what spurred Hubby and I to propose we cook for 9. Brave. We must of been extra courageous that evening. Either that or we thought we could fall back on Pizza Hut if all else failed.

Somehow, halfway cooking... Hubby magically disappeared. Luckily I had two other fairies helping me out- even putting flowers on the table. Bravo!.


Seafood Bisque- my father in law loved it until I shocked him with how I got the prawn broth. lol

BBQ Meatlovers Pizza
Hawaiian Pizza
Pizza ala Campur - 'Campur' in Malay means 'mixed'. So, this pizza was a mix of things. Ok, it was a mix of leftovers from the other two pizzas and was overloaded.

Fettucine Carbonara

Yoghurt Ice cream

Besides the fact that we over-estimated everyone's appetite...everything turned out beaut!


  1. really miss that food can we make again on fathers day please<<<<<<........ ><

  2. hey jia, we all decided we're doing steamboat this maybe next time?

    i have to make the cake today since dinner's tomorrow...u have tutoring right?