Friday, May 22, 2009

Banana Leaf

I've been frequenting Banana Leaf atleast once a week since I got back from my honeymoon. [Maybe its the ninnys like me that frequent it too much and have now caused the huge price hike!]
It's my new craze on coffee-shop style Malaysian-Indian food. I love spices and aromas!

I normally have the Nasi Briyani rice set (the picture above is served with plain rice): 4 vegetable dishes, nasi briyani (spiced fried rice), papadums, curry gravy of choice all served on the plain banana leaf - a dishwasher's heaven!

Between the few of us, we usually order other side dishes containing mutton, chicken, fish or beef served: rendang or curry style, or even deep fried. Usually after 2pm, they also have an assortment of Roti (Malay/Indian Bread). Roti Pisang gets my vote: floured flat fried bread with bananas. Yums!

The drinks?..Very typical Malaysian. Starring here are 'Teh-C' and 'Teh-C Special'. Teh-C is milk tea whilst Teh-C Special is milk tea served with cordial wheatgrass- sounds weird buts tastes surprisingly nice. are the two food ninnys who consume the lot.


  1. arghhhhhhhhhh ... you are making me so jealous! and hungry!!!

  2. hey..u got so much more assortment there!

  3. I miss home food....
    is that chappati in the picture?

  4. awwww yummmmmm...k this is the type of food tat makez me hungry....

  5. u should come back for yummy food!.., we never ordered chappati there..not sure if they have it

  6. Nasi Briyani with steamed rice is absolutely divine.
    Ha! that milk tea with black pearls is so popular.

  7. Too bad Banana Leaf has increased the price ridiculously after overwhelming response from patrons :(