Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This is a bit out of nowhere...but its UBER CUTE! I saw this silly shirt in Singapore Topshop. Cute huh?
Looking at it makes me dream of my ultimate shop tucked nicely in a laneway selling an assortment of weird and quirky stuff for the eyes to feast on.
Every morning I enter a white french door. The ding-a-ling brass bell rings as I enter and begin a new day when I flip over the Open sign. There would be a fluffy pillow corner where crafters meet and dine on little cupcakes. The blackboard wall will adorn stories of now and tomorrow. The shelves are filled with all things artsy. Paper. Ribbons. Embellishments. -And sometimes house a few jars of cookies! A timber ladder stretches high along the wall adorned with books. Bittersweet coffee lingers in the mouth. Laughter echoes as the day wears on.
The only problem is I have to make money out of it. Hmph.

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