Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A pleasant surprise

So..on Friday night, we ended up going for a casual dinner followed by a coffee session in Starbucks.

Hubby and I have been busy sourcing materials and looking through heaps of mags, journals and books for inspiration. We were busy flipping through interior mags, discussing things we wanted and how we'd achieve that within our budget.

..We liked a few elements from these two kitchens. It was simple. Clean lines. Heaps of storage and adequate bench space.

..Then guess what Hubby found?!....Ta da!! Two of my works in a mag! These semi-detached houses were designed some time last year and are currently being built. For the crazy archi bunch that studied with me ..they'll know I was a complete idiot with computers. I didn't really know how to use Autocad let alone draw 3D! So..a few years in the work force and I do perspectives now. I can't live without my computer now.

There's a little adrenaline rush when I saw these. Well..they're not in a architectural journal...but's good enough for now. I also know alot of my peers are doing quite well. Kudos to you all!!