Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tiles Anyone?

In my profession, choosing samples and materials are just about a everyday thing. I inform my clients of whats available and get to meet suppliers and talk about innovative products.

It use to somewhat annoy me when clients constantly changed their mind - whether its about the design or the material. I dont mind if they change their mind about things a couple of times - thats normal. But- I've had clients who call me every single morning telling me their new decision. The one they thought about before going to bed last night and most probably the one they're gonna change again tonight. I even told my client he was fast becoming my boyfriend at the rate he was calling - I wasnt in the mood to entertain him after weeks of regular morning calls.

I'm the sort who settles on something and doesnt think about it anymore. It saves me alot of stress and unnecessary moments of pondering.

Sigh. But come my own house stuff (very professional word aint it?) and I admit I've changed my mind on a few things.

I have settled on a few..I've got my sanitary wares fixed, gonna use recycled granite (my poor attempt at being more environmentally friendly), getting my timber floors dried and treated-saves so much money!.. using fibrous cement for some floor and wall finishes..and now i'm doomed.


The colours, designs, textures..I'm really not that sure of what I want. It has to look clean. White. Or is it neutral toned? Maybe dark floors. Oohh, that mosaic I saw was nice too! Here I go again...Help me. Anyone?..

Maybe you can's my selection so that I still need to filter and add and sort and choose! Sigh.
And.. I know I havent given updates about my house for ages... its coming. I promise.


  1. i like light coloured tiles for flooring. dunno why. i just think it brightens up the whole house.

  2. i like light coloured for hygeine purposes..but then, darker ones also make a real contrast.

    see..i'm stuck. i'm gonna buy some mags later to give me inspiration.

  3. just my opinion hair really shows in white tiles.....when i was at my brother's house....and cos my hair falls alot...felt like my hair was everywhere (cos i was the only wif long hair)

    darker colours are better at hiding dirt (then again im sure u r more hard working in cleaning then me lol)

  4. you got a point. charles likes dark bathroom floor tiles too.

    i'm super safe and boring..think i'm gonna stick with neutrals.

    come and visit next time you're around:)