Friday, May 8, 2009

One pesky couple

My Hubby and I are one of those annoying couples who still celebrate our monthiversaries to date. -Yes, we even have a name for it. Today's our 45th monthiversary. Those who've celebrated their decades of anniversaries most probably think we're annoyingly stupid. Whats 45 months compared to 45 years?! And what's 45 months compared to the rest of the lives we've vowed to one another?

We are pretty pesky.

But look. We dont go all out and buy each other elaborate gifts. Nor do we do fine dining. (Ok, so that did happen in the beginning.) Its really just an excuse to have some couple time. Both making the effort for a date because as a relationship matures, we kind of forget those little details or the precious time we spend alone. The last few monthiversaries have been spent sharing how our relationship is going and how we'd like to improve. I feel so much better after those talks. Its a time where we sit down whole heartedly and discuss things. We'd reflect on previous issues and discuss why certain things happen. We'd project our future and share our thoughts.

I seriously dont know what we're doing tonight. I presume its going for coffee after dinner or something. Nevertheless, a date. A time to pause on things momentarily and be reminded of why we're in this together. Or in our case, most probably act silly and laugh at everything.

Happy 45th monthiversary Hubby. XXOO. Xiao Tur-ter.


  1. i think that's so sweet you guys still do that :)

  2. aww...we try. It does get hard and I presume it will stop soon. haha.