Monday, May 25, 2009

Teenage Mutant

I'm liya and I'm a pimple mutant.

My zits have been popping out as if i'm some hormonal teen going though puberty (at nearly twice the normal age range!). My pimples are quite magical - new ones appear every morning. Big ones, small ones, red ones, pink ones, inflamed ones, white ones...I can be the face for acne. -Anybody need a 'before' shot?

I went to my beautician and she told me this:

Your face is inflamed and full of pimples and potential pimples. You need to wash everyday, exfoliate every two days, eat vitamins and supplements, wash your pillowcase every two days and watch your diet.

I was going to hide. She made me feel like the dirtiest person who lives like a caveman and had no idea of hygiene.

I went to the pharmacy and they told me this:

You need oral herbal tonics, you need a acne cleanser and a topical cream. You also have to refrain from eating oily and fried foods.

Great. Another one who doubted my hygiene AND was going to rip me off for it.

The real problem is: in the hope for a flawless face, I bought an exfoliator from my beautician, a pimple supplement and acne cleanser from the pharmacist. What a sucker I am.

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  1. Liya,
    i think u juz need to watch out what you eat..definitely more veges and fruits are better than fries food...and your work must have stress you out. Just hop on to bed earlier if possible.