Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just a bit out there..

Please forgive me if my posts have been a bit random. My mind just isnt functioning properly.

This week has seem to gone by so fast with the amount of things happening.

  • My house is 70% done..meaning it's time I confirm my finishes. -Yes, I'm still on tiles. Bright side: I know what I want for my kitchen.

  • I'm running around comparing electricals: air conditioning, oven, microwave, fans...theres some nifty stuff out there. I've come to understand the 'Inverter' system which saves nearly 50% of power usage! -More points for me trying to be eco-friendly.

  • My work computer crashed. Humbug virus, CD writer gone batty and hardisk is crashed. Bleh.

  • I've got another planning brief due.

  • 9457 magazines later I finally know what I want for my bathrooms.

  • My parents suddenly went out of town, so I have to check on their place.

  • My room needs immense cleaning

  • A friend's wedding tonight, and one next week too.

.........How I wish I was back in Bali sipping on cocktails by the beach..

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