Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cupcake Frenzy

I'm totally besotted by cupcakes! I dont know what it is about little cakes I heart. I guess..They're just cuteness I can wrap my fingers around and not too daunting to decorate - if it doesnt work out, eat it and decorate another?..

I spent quite a fair bit of my shopping time in Perth looking at kitchen wares. I couldnt help but always wander into the baking section and look at all the tools and marvels. Theres just so many cool things! So if you noticed in the pic above, I even bought myself a cupcake holder- I justified to the Hubby it was a necessity and it could hold cakes too. It was just SO useful and a necessity. It was practical and a necessity. It would just enrich my life TOTALLY-I'm easy to please. Seriously. I would regret it if I didnt buy it.

I feel for my parents though..cos I kind of left it with them to bring it back for me. To make up for it, I bought my mum one too! lol. Hers is a smaller one though. She's not a fanatic of cupcakes but she makes the best chiffon.

I had a blast doing these for one of my best friend's birthday. I hope she loved it too. Cupcakes destress me. I cant wait till I get my own oven and get up to mischief.


  1. oh yeah!!...howearn and jess..thanks for this beautiful photo..I wont even put my photos up to compare:)

  2. i loved the cupcakes li-ya!! thank you very very much :-) i will be hunting how earn down for the photos... one day... haha.

  3. glad u loved them. made all the efforts worthwhile:)