Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hey June

meet: (from left to right) liya. hubby. baa baa lambchops. elmo
Our wedding photo has been up since January. Elmo has relocated since January and Baa Baa Lambchops has pretty much lived there since he was made.
This is the room I've resided in for the last 5 months and the room I'll be leaving in a few months time. A room thats offered comfort every night - and one thats taught me all about snoring [but thats another story all together].
Sometimes I still think I'm single. Sometimes I think I've been married for ages. Sometimes I miss living with my parents. Sometimes I dont. Sometimes I think this is all a dream. And sometimes I realise there's more responsibilities.
Ahh..its June already..and I'm still getting use to my new life. I really need to tick 'married' instead of 'single'!

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